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ERC DISCONEX project: "The Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence" (Warwick, EHESS, FHNW Bale), ERC Starting Grant funded by the European Research Council"

Principal Investigator: Johannes Angermuller
ERC DISCONEX project and DiscourseNet community manager: Ronny Scholz
DISCONEX PhD students: Johannes BEETZ, Sixian HAH, Eduardo Herrera, Marta WROBLEWSKA
DISCONEX postdoc researcher: research coordinator: Francoise Dufour (CAL)


Interdisciplinary and international network of discourse researchers. Go here to sign up and get more information. Please get in touch with Johannes if you want to get involved.

PAD: Professional and Academic Discourse (CAL, Warwick)

A working group of academic discourse researchers at the Centre for Applied Linguistics, Warwick. Go here to get more information.