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Current projects

Past projects

      ERC DISCONEX: The Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence
      J.A. principal investigator, abstract (ERC Starting Grant 2013-2018), J.A. principal investigator, abstract

      ERC INTAC: The international register of academic status categories (Proof of Concept, 2017-2019), abstract
      MeMeDa/DiscourseNet: Methodologies and Methods of Discourse Analysis
      J.A. main applicant and coordinator of young researchers project
      sponsored by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
      2007-2011, see proposal

      The Evolution of European Identity:
      Using biographical methods to study the development
      of European identity (EUROIDENTITIES)

      Coordinator: Robert Miller (Queens University Belfast)
      Contribution to the Magdeburg part (Fritz Schütze) of a consortium for a EU research project, FP7

      Tolerance and Intolerance in the Post-Soviet Press:
      Applying New Methods of Measurement and Evaluation
      INTAS project of the European Union
      Consortium of eight partners of the EU and the CIS
      led by Howard Davis, Bangor, UK
      May 2005-April 2007, see abstract